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Ezi Account Pro

Restaurant View Online Demo

1 - Cashier Make Order
restaurant cashier main panel
  • Cashier can make order by clicking or touch a menu name
  • Select table number or enter note if any and click 'Process' button
2 - Cashier Main
restaurant cashier main panel
  • Green color is table in use
  • To check out just click table name
3 - Cashier Make Payment
restaurant cashier take order
  • At the 'Cashier Main' click a green table number
  • Select 'cash' at bottom and enter change and click 'Process'
4 - Cashier Make Payment Complete
restaurant cashier payment comlplete
  • Balance for change are show at top
  • Click 'Print' to print receipt 80mm(only)
5 - View Order Activity (second computer kitchen)
restaurant view order
  • Login to second computer to manage order (click view order)
  • Click Red color if menu ready. Click 'Order Summary' to view summary
6 - View Order Summary (second computer kitchen)
restaurant view order summary
  • All order are group by name. Click order name if ready
  • Click 'Category' at top to choose category